Open the box.....

What is Project Pandora

Project Pandora is a reverse engineering project started by Dantarion to understand the files that make up the "Pandora's Box" that is Street Fighter X Tekken. By examining the game's files, we can not only gain insight about the game itself, but how the developers at Capcom put it together in the first place.

What isn't Project Pandora

Project Pandora has nothing to do with anything allowing people to play with unreleased or pirated DLC. While digging into the game means we will run into these files, we will not be publishing details or instructions on how to access said content.Support Capcom, buy the DLC!

What are the main goals of Project Pandora?

While complete understanding of the entire disc is the goal, the main focus of this project is to understand the moveset files. These files are known as the BAC and BCM files. The BCM file contains information on inputs, including charge times, motions, and button inputs for each move. It also contains a table of information about each move, such as what type of move it is, when it can be used, and how the AI responds to it. The BAC file contains scripts that are referenced by the BCM file, and those scripts contain information about what animations are played, what SFX and VFX are played, hitboxes, hurtboxes, and effects for each hitbox.

There is a lot of info that goes into making moves work the way they do, and a lot of this information can be useful to players of the game. Producing a webpage that pulls important info out of the files for players to look over.

What about the Brady guide? Doesn't that already have all the info?

Yes, and no. The Brady guide is awesome! It contains framedata, canceldata, etc, for all of the characters in the game, minus the DLC ones. However, there are a lot of move properties that aren't listed, and theres definetly a change that there some interesting properties that aren't in there. Also, having this information in a database allows for advanced searching of info. For example, the ability to type in "-10" and see a list of moves a character has that can punish that, or a list of all move that will link off one of your normals. The possibilities are endless, limited only by the imagination of players and the skill of programmers

Why do this? What is the point

Because I can! Most serious players will tell you that sometimes, you have to go into training mode and just study. "Is this safe?", "Can you punish X with Y", "How much invincibility does that have", etc, are all things players must wonder. Instead of wondering, we can just get the raw data!